Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 Morning of the Summer Solstice, special light

After I finished the field I kept going. All of a sudden I knew just what to do to finish this one. I began this in Maine. I love that place! A special thank you to the Mary for introducing me to my favorite place! Another thank you to the whole Taylor- Moncavage family for allowing me to stay at their homes while I paint in Maine!
I have been worrying lately that my work is becoming too "realistic" rather than the pieces of emotion that I strive to make. Today when making this one the "astonishment" returned. I get an ahhhh feeling when I see it. Good.

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L1 said...

Somehow I had missed this one before. You're right it does give that aaahh feeling. There's probablyl something magical about solstice light. Can't wait to see your winter solstice painting.