Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 11, 2007 Walkin' the Dog

Pressed for time, I decided to paint at the field adjacent to my home. The shadows were low so I grabbed my backpack and ran to what I deemed a "good location.". My goal was to capture to feel of a Sunday's fading light. Some satisfaction.
On another note... I have been feeling troubled by what another artist (whom I admire) wrote me. She said, "I am not a big fan of just plein air paintings. To me so many of them are just average paintings, but because they are done outside they are often thought of as finished paintings." Then I though of what Cezanne said about Monet. As you know Cezanne was a 'thinking man's painter' and he referred to Monet as "just an eye, but oh, what an eye." Hmmmm. I guess that brings me back to thinking. I guess my dailies and multitude of plein air paintings vary. Some are just studies for later work, some are just "stored visual memory for later", and occasionally I get a gem. More than anything this painting a day is to keep me on track, no excuses, don't mess with me workout. I will continue my studio work... but those too vary: some are average and occasionally some are gems. I guess my only real goal is to up the ratio in my favor...more gems, less dogs for the kennel. Maybe tomorrow I'll begin a new Turner-inspired biggie, since all I can see is his work buzzing around in my head anyway!

If anyone is out there reading this...weigh in on my dilemma.

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