Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11, 2007 Unfinished Shenandoah Stream

I began this one with a one color under -painting last night. I decided that since the color essence was made up of the complementary colors, golden yellow/orange and purple, that maybe the golden green of the leaves and pinkish purple of the rocks would be set off by a magentaish/purple. We will see. This morning I restricted my work to just a small selection of nupastels so that I wouldn't go in a color frenzy, which, of course is my favorite thing to do. Big shapes and dramatic light.

When talking with a writer friend of mine, Louellen, I realized that my blog has helped me in so many ways. Most importantly the idea that painting is like breathing and if you want to breath (paint) from deep inside, you practice, tenacious, steadfast. Then the deep-insides emerge and fascinate you. It's like everyday is full of presents that I can imagine the day before! Cool, eh?

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