Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13, 2008 Two Walkers Resting by the River

8x8, pastel on wallis, $100. plus tax and ship
Today my husband Paul and I went for a run by the river. The sun was out and people were walking, taking in the day before the rains come. I just love these winter colors and the way the river sky vibrates with aliveness. (Is that a word?) My focus for the next three weeks is a more controlled palette. Less is more. Today I pre-selected a split complementary orange to blue with the blues side kicks, blue violet and blue green. I like the feel of light.


marcianason said...

Hi Loriann!
I'm so glad that Leah shared your 'blogsite' with me last evening while we shared a glass of wine! I love your work! I have been feeling a bit like my own creativity is 'blocked' lately and it is truly inspirational to see someone with your passion, dedication and discipline! What I will do with this inspiration, I have no idea....doodle? dream? who knows - but it is great to find you! Hope all is well!
Marcia in Nova Scotia

Loriann Signori said...

Thanks Marcia! It's OK not to know what to do with your creativity. Just start something, anything and it will lead you. Creativity is a wonderful, mischievous, stubborn little imp. It loves play more than anything, so play with her!
Happy playing, Loriann