Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5, 2007 Self Portrait in Sweet Peas

9x7, pastel, I think it may go to the show
This week in school we worked on self portraits. And of course it was my young friend Hugh, who on his regular lunch visits said, "Loriann when are you going to do a self- portrait? This weekend?" So first thing this morning I got out a photo of me, painting in the San Juan Islands (Washington state.) I have been meaning to use this as a reference for two years... but other ideas always came first. I began will an under painting of intense purple and yellow watercolors. I paid close attention to big shapes of light and dark and not getting seduced by the idea of a figure in space. Simply paint the color notations and make sure to bunch them. I like the reflected light pieces. Can you feel the warm sun? Thanks for the photo Barbara!

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