Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15, 2008 Greenhead Calm

7 1/2 x 10, watercolor and pastel on board, unfinished
Since the opening I have had many questions about my painting methods. So in this entry I will explain. When in the studio, I do not begin to paint until I can visualize an image, so for instance for a painting-a-day, this is often done the night before and I sleep on it or I find it in an early walk the next day. Next, I choose or make a marble dust board. The strokes can vary the effect, such as yesterday's snow. Today there is a dynamic swish to balance the calmness in the water. Next the watercolor (or oil) paint is applied. Big shapes is the name of the game here. When wet I wipe out my lights. At this point I am very conscious of edges. It is later I want to choose where to put edges, preferably at the focal point. Now blow dry (since I am inpatient) and now ah! the pastel. I am leaving off on the third layer of pastel. I will finish this one later since I need thinking time. Till tomorrow!
PS After painting this site for the second time I know why they call it Greenhead. (that's also why I did the underpainting with its complementary color... so much green!!!

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