Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22, 2008 Potomac Blues

9x12, pastel and watercolor on board, $100. plus tax and ship
Ice day, so the entire day is mine, all mine!!!! I am ready to begin a new, big one. Remember Monday's small Potomac Gorge? Well that's been in my mind every minute since then. I've painted it at least 5 times. Today I prepared a big board, approximately 31x42 (which is big for pastel.) Yesterday I consulted with my framer; how big can I paint and still have it safely under glass? (Unlike the giant 4 foot one I did earlier this year which needed plex) So this is it. But in order to paint big I needed to clean my studio. (I am a squirrel.) I threw away a lot of paintings I just never want to see again (the "kennel") and found this one which was an unfinished plein air painting. Now I knew what to do. I like the amber and topaz colors near the amethyst and sapphire. I guess it's really jewel day. Enough.
Now back to the biggie of the gorge.

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