Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 19/20, 2008 Springtime by the Stream

19x27 approx, pastel on wallis board, up for auction at Lowell School Auction

This stream is a beautiful place at my school. Many who do not know the stream think it is a place in my imaginaton. The painting has been described by some as "dreamy," "ethereal" and "sublime." It is a place I love and have strong feelings about, therefore once I had the idea it flowed. I have decided to place it on the Lowell Auction to help the school's scholarship cause.

So what is it that draws one person to "love" a painting? I think it isn't because it shows a place, although sometimes people choose art for that reason. I feel it is because it evokes a feeling, something deep and primitive. Something you can't describe. Alas, there it is. Painting and describing places is easy, cameras can do it. Evoking feeling...HARD. I guess it is because first you need to feel it then you have to figure out what to do to create it. (Sometimes photos can evoke feeling, that is when photography becomes art.) Words people have used to describe favorite paintings include: mystery, brooding, and sublime. Hmmmmmm. Now we begin to connect with the idea of what makes art, art.
But, I guess I am talking too much. I am working on two other paintings, the gorge and Chincoteague. I will maybe post Chincoteague progress tomorrow.

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L1 said...

This is a beautiful painting. I've always felt a strong connection to that place because it was Colin's class that built the bridge. Very generous of you to donate it to the auction. I couldn't find it on the Lowell auction website?
Off to see Seussical with Colin tonight.