Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5,2008 Late Afternoon Light in March

6x7 pastel and watercolor on board
I posted this yesterday with the wrong date. Today I reworked it and am reposting with yesterday's date (the correct one.) Now for today's work.
This late afternoon I was on my way down to the river and I had one of those...irk, stop, look, drool, oh, my! It was dramatic and blinding. No camera could catch it since it was back lit. The thing was I only had a very small amount of time to catch it for it would change quickly. So I quickly painted the main light and dark shapes. No time for fussing. Yellow lights, purple darks, then note some color nuances with pastel. It's raw, but still, I like the feel if light, the impression of the moment. The forms grew on their own. I simply recorded the light. Maybe I will use this and some photos to create a bigger, more finished one.

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