Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 6, 2008 Light on the Gorge

Today I came back to the gorge painting full of ideas. I knew just what to do. It's hard to tell by the photo the light rays are much more yellow. After a day of work I need to stop and refuel, decide what is next on this. I had my new Munsell color wheel by my side to assist my color choices. My dominant hue is purple with blue purple and red purple as my side kicks, complement is a green with yellow and discords orange yellow and blue green. I tried to keep my discord to my focal point.
Now I will go on to color charts in oil. Recently I have been having dreams about painting in smooshy oils. Long again that was all I would use. The painting of mums at the top was from the period of my life where for 3 years I only painted mums (in oils.) So I think I going back to see what oils can do for me. To see if what I have learned in pastel will help me make luminous oils. Therefore I may be absent for a few weeks as I try to figure it out. Or if things go well you may hear from me before.

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L1 said...

The gorge painting is gorgeous! Pardon the pun. Really though the colours and light make it look ethereal. The fairy girls in my class this year would love to dance there in their pastel silks.