Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008 Songbird Paradise

9x12, pastel on paper
What a day it was! I treated myself to Riverbend today. It was a hot, sultry morning. The moist, thick air was filled with a medley of crickets and birds. All of a sudden a series of strong breezes/winds gusted by the river shores. Pooof! My umbrella took off, into the river. Filled with air it raced across the top like a skilled water-skier. Now, mind you this was the best umbrella set-up I have ever had and I am thankful that it was not attached to my easel. (It would have dumped over hundreds of dollars of pastels!) Was I going to stand and just watch this happen?!? No way. In the water I went, straight after that umbrella set-up. Well, that water got deeper and deeper, finally I was up to my chin. Then, I snagged that rascally, run-a-way umbrella. In the end I took home the umbrella, but unfortunately my cell phone was in my pocket and it did not like being submerged. Oh well, at least I didn't meet the snapping turtle head on!
Oh, as for the umbrella....if you are a plein air artist, it's called the Shadebuddy from Dakota Pastels (dakotapastels.com). It's the best!

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