Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10, 2008 Morning at the Kensington Farmer's Market

11x14, pastel on board
To qualify for my local art competition you must paint a scene from the sponsoring town, Kensington. For me a place that feels most like Kensington is the farmer's market. This painting was created from reference photos and sketches, plus weekly experience at the market. It was a little too intimidating to paint amongst so many people so close. Plus, in order to make a composition workable the orchestration of figures in a space is complicated. A long winded way to explain, this is a studio piece. (sorry for the bad photo..colors are dulled down in this jpeg.)
On another note, I learned how to row a boat today. Therefore I will try my next dream - try painting in the boat this week ( ala Monet). We'll see.