Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunrise in the Land of Canyons and Vistas

10 x 10pastel and watercolor on Uart paper $100.
After a long day of travel I am here in California. Not knowing my where-a-bouts I drove out of the condo parking lot in darkness and up a mountainside at 6:15 am. I found a spot before the sun came over the horizon, only to learn I was staring straight into it. The sunrise was magnificent and momentary. A different type of frosty fog was nestled in to valleys making for a whole new palette of neutrals. It took me at least 6 different pastels with the underlying watercolor to attempt to create the glowing frosty look.


Karen said...

You are an overachiever! :) I can't believe that (a) you got up so early when you just got there, and (b) posted already!
Nice texture in this one, too!

Loriann Signori said...

Thanks would know an overachiever if you saw one ;-) .....if I remember right it was you painting on the beaches of Aruba this November. Check out her site friends! Merry Christmas:-)