Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aphrodite's Icy Dream

About 5.75x 6 pastel and frozen watercolor on Uart paper, $100.
As I drove to my favorite painting spot I was thinking about why I like this constant repetition. For someone as impulsive as I am, why do I continue to drive here almost every morning?
The answer:
The challenge of responding to the same thing differently over and over and over again touches my impulsive nature in a way that is wonderful. What will she look like tomorrow? And how will my eyes perceive her?
Is that what Monet felt?


brian eppley said...

congratulations on the pastel societies best of show! what a strong work! Sorry I missed the opening but I will get down to see the show. Your work ethic is incredible. Even after a best of show "glow" your back it. Again congrats.

brian eppley said...

oops I meant back at it. I'm so happy for you that I can't type. How long is the show hanging?

Loriann Signori said...

Thanks Brian! The show ends at the end of this month- I think on the 28th.
Happy painting,