Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clean the Box Day, celebrate it if you wish!

Today was my annual "clean the box day." I must admit I am not a cleanliness freak (did I hear some giggles?) But once a year, a day I dread, I take everything out of my plein air box. I wash the foam inserts and scrub the box clean. Then I gently clean each pastel and assess the need for its presence or replacement. My impetus was the arrival of my new Terrages and Thin Lines. Since I use only the Heilman backpack box space is a premium. It measures only 10.5" x 13.5".
I must admit I feel incomplete when I am not able to do my daily painting. It truly is my vitamin. I continue work on the large gorge painting. :-)


Dewberry Fine Art said...

I love that set up. It looks more secure than my pastel plein air gear. Mine is a box with wood easel from Dakota. It would be nice to have something that is not going to fall over. Thanks for posting the info.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

that is SO beautiful!
Admire your diligence.

Loriann Signori said...

Hi Dori and Mary,

Thanks for your comments. This Heilman box is the best. You can contact Marge and John Heilman and they are very helpful in every way. John makes them himself. It is VERY sturdy and is about 200.