Friday, February 20, 2009

Chattering Winds

about 8 x 11 pastel and frozen watercolor on Uart paper
Ahhhhh the muse.
It felt so good to be back to the reservoir....finally. The thirty mile an hour winds still couldn't stop me. Prepared, I took the two cloth grocery bags stored in the car and filled them with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING loose in the car. Next, I attached them to my easel and voilah! a stable easel. I decided that I really wanted the water to feel choppy, the kind of chop you get on a small body of water.
And how do you make the feeling of wind?
This will be my Saturday post. I hope to go see a Hudson River School exhibit in New York this weekend.


jean neely said...

This is so good. The water does look choppy, and I love the golden morning light coming through.
You inspire me to get up early to catch that light.
I've missed your reservoir pastels too.

brian eppley said...

Back in the comfort zone. This is sweet. Love that light condition and feels cold and windy. I stopped by the bank after work and saw a light pole lying on a car. I did't think anyone would go out today to paint. I see I was mistaken!Umbrella up too?? Wheres the Hudson school exhibit. We'll be in Manhattan this weekend and might be able to catch it. I do want to do some street scenes and never know where I'll be at any given time. Glad you've recovered and didn't get hit by any blowing debris.

Loriann Signori said...

Thanks Jean. That early morning light is my favorite. I am such a nut that I just sit in the car (by the reservoir) and wait for it to come up. Sometimes I just watch the stages like to day when it was so absolutely freezing! Thanks for missing my reservoir...I missed it too!

Loriann Signori said...

Hi Brian,
Yup, you know me. I was there in the wind, but I didn't dare put up the umbrella for it would be a reservoir boat in no time. A light pole on a car!!!! Wow!
The Hudson River School exhibit I read about is up at Vassar. It appears that the Met has loaned all its important HRS paintings while that wing gets a face lift. I need to call Vassar tomorrow because it says they leave at the end of February. So I will see. If that's not possible I will try to go to Olana (Frederic Church's home). It depends on a lot of different factors.
Are you going to see any shows in particular?

brian eppley said...

Nothing in particular. A few galleries I always check out. Liz is going to a doll collecting convention. The receptions are good but the rest of the time we eat drink and be merry. I plan on some good painting this year while she "browses".

Sadia Hussain said...

The bending trees on the left do convey a feel of a wave of air passing by, and the water does look disturbed. Well done !

Loriann Signori said...

Brian, Can't wait to see your NYC works when you return. Have fun.

Loriann Signori said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You noticed the places I focused on wind. There are so many easier ways to show wind with close-ups...but I chose a different way. Now let me go check your blog.