Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rio Grande in the Late Afternoon

9 x 12 pastel and watercolor on Uart paper
I was obsessed with this view so I returned to the Rio Grande. Two differences; this one was painted in the late afternoon and I looked in the opposite direction.
I tried really hard to make the grand space but this time I was less restricted with my color palette, although I was very tuned into the color temperature dance. My true joy is working with simultaneous contrast (Thank you Richard) and the vibration it makes. I am using my pastels differently-more like glazes...oh so lightly they touch the surface of the paper.
I LOVE this view! I wish I could paint it day after day.
I will blog more later when I am not on the side of the road:-)


Brian McGurgan said...

These Rio Grande views are stunning, Loriann. I like the light touch with your pastels here as well. Beautiful color and strong composition. Happy painting in New Mexico!

Loriann Signori said...

Thanks so much Brian! This place is amazing!