Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ribbons of Grass

about 8x9 pastel on watercolor on Uart paper
The sky sets the tone for the whole painting, even when the horizon is placed so high on the picture plane. The color you choose has to relate to the colors of the entire painting. Your sky matters. That is why I will place it in first and constantly adjust it and the land till they work together like a song. The color you choose for a distant sky has to be warm enough to have depth, cool enough to feel airy. Balance.
This is part of my green series even though the colors of the long grasses tended to leave the green and visit the gold. After our long period of rain the sun is now out. Unfortunately the mowers are too. Almost every space of long grass has been mowed and groomed. Me, I prefer it wild..long grasses blowing in the breeze..... a challenge to find in a city. This little unsold lot reminds me of Truro, Cape Cod, a place I remember well from my childhood.


Jala Pfaff said...

I like nature wild too.

Marvelous. Reminds me of "Christina's World."

Carrie Jacobson said...

This is so tender and inviting. I really like the colors and the sense of air I feel -

Melinda said...

The first word that popped into my mind, while looking at the horizon line was, lyrical.

Very, very successful composition and color choices.

Karen said...

I think one of the most marvelous parts about this is your attention to those grasses up front, and their clarity.

I miss Truro SO much,, isn't that part of the Cape one of the truly magical parts of the world? Did you ever think of applying to the Dune Shack residencies?

loriann said...


Nature speaks so clearly in it's natural state. It is then you can feel it. Thanks for the comparison to Christina's World. Now that is a seriously beautiful, emotional painting.

loriann said...

Thank you too Carrie and welcome back.I love those words tender and inviting.
I hope you enjoyed your trip to the southwest. How was it?

loriann said...

Ah, lyrical, another beautiful word. Thanks Melinda.

loriann said...

Karen, Yes, I miss and love Truro. When did you go there? And no I did not know about the residencies... hmmmmm.
Thanks about the grasses. I just knew I couldn't leave that shadow without a tweak of excitement. Glad it worked.

My Camera World said...

Thanks Loriann for making these now availbe in Goolge Reader.

The latest series is sooo vibrant.

Niels Henriksen

loriann said...

You're welcome Niels. In fact, my pleasure....I will let my friend Domi know we succeeded.