Saturday, May 23, 2009

River Life

about 5x6 pastel and watercolor on Uart paper
I can't stay away...and yes there are greens in this painting...just not predominate.
This week I was visiting the gallery to see all my new pieces being framed and hung for the show. I noticed a few things that I often forget to think about and just do more automatically in the successful pieces (hopefully). Let me share them with you.

First, Even if the whole painting is "not finished" you need one place of finish to make it look complete. This painting is a good example. It did not look good until I "finished" the tree clump in the foreground. Still the finish does not prevent you from traveling back the the juicy colors in the distance.

Second, value. Remember the old saying...I think it went something like 70/30, major values. For instance, in this painting the light values are 70% and the darks 30%. Clumping the values to create bigger shapes is VERY important.

And last......drama!


Janelle Goodwin said...

Good things to keep in mind! I never heard of finishing at least one part of the painting, but it makes perfect sense. I'm going to try that on some of my unfinished paintings. Good luck with the gallery - I know you'll do great!

Donna T said...

Beautiful, serene painting. Thanks for the wonderful advice - it makes so much sense. Which gallery and when?

Jala Pfaff said...

I agree with what you say.

Okay, this is one of my favorites ever!!! It's subtle but very intriguing to the eye.

Melinda said...

Very successful piece, Loriann.
I'm really enjoying the trees in the mid-ground. Yes, wonderful drama!

Wishing you every success with the gallery, too.

loriann said...

Hi Janelle,
Tell me how it works on your unfinished paintings. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

loriann said...

Hi Donna,
Serene, I like that description. mmmmmmmm. The gallery is John Matthew Moore Fine Art in Chevy Chase. It opens to the public this Saturday.

loriann said...

I glad it is one of your favorites, we tend to like the same ones.

loriann said...

Thanks Melinda!