Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Riverbend B&W Sketches

the path near adjoining trails
view 2
field to the river/glow of river in distance

The Riverbend Plein Air Paintout is this weekend. Riverbend is one of my favorite places to paint. Quiet, birds singing, field and river....what more could a girl want? I feel so lucky that it is the location for a paint-out. This year I have decided to approach it differently. I know the landscape at Riverbend intimately. But when it is a competition I become very nervous. So this time I have been not only doing my warm up color studies, but also black and white sketches so that I can establish a strong composition in my head, before even arriving on site. Having your painting in you head is soooo important. Here are a few sketches. Which do you prefer?


Donna T said...

Just the thought of competing with other painters ... better you than me! I like all three sketches but the first two a little bit more. I like the feeling of being drawn down the path and into the light. Will you just see which one feels right on that day?

NJ ART 73 said...

Hi Loriann,
I like sketch # 3 because you can lay down broad swatches of color in the foreground. You can also play with the color of the trees against the land. If you were to take that sketch into the studio you could create a very dynamic painting . You could backlight the trees and foreground for some rich darks. I think that it was an excellent idea to scout ahead of the event. Enjoy the day and have fun.

Karen said...

#'s 2 and 3...if you go with #1, I'd flatten out the path in the distance (meaning make it lay down more). #2 is a direct lead into the space...#3 I kind of zig-zag into the space.

I'm going to do my first plein air comp. soon...I was just going show up and who knows?! I can't believe you're I'm nervous.

Melinda said...

Hi Loriann,
You have a very strong skill for sketching! I'm wondering which is your favorite drawing instrument?

I like sketch #3 best as well. The composition is very engaging.

Best wishes on the competition! That would make me too nervous, but, really, it shouldn't, right?

You've got the skill. You've got the talent. And, you're practicing ahead of time!

loriann said...

Thanks Donna, NJ, Karen and Melinda. I am now not even sure if any of them will work. The weather gods changed the forecast- it is now rainy/overcast. So I went to Riverbend and did some rainy ones. (see one on today's post June 4) Rethink.Hmmmmmmmmm.

Karen, Yep, planning ahead lessens the heebee jeebees. This time I am also bringing two frames that are different size/shape. Even though painters may only enter one painting, I feel better knowing I may choose my format. One is square and one is standard rectangle. I prefer to be prepared with a mat already cut. I always feel my pastel paintings are too squished if framed without one. This competition has a quick turn around-morning only-framed and hung by 12:00 noon. Where is your plein air comp?

Melinda...thanks about the sketching. I use a wood-less pencil. I am guessing that everyone gets matter how often you do it. I tend to prefer quiet, out of the way spots. When you are there for all to see...even if you are suffering with a dog. My goal has always been ...just don't embarrass myself:-) hee hee

Karen said...

Hi Loriann, Susan and I are going to the Cedarburg WI pain-out in the end of June. I decided to try it (with no expectations) since I never have before. Tell us about your experience when you're done!

loriann said...

Was that a Freudian slip? (pain-out...hee hee..wish i said it)
You will both do well, I am sure. And yes I will share about it. There are only 2 paint-outs competitions that I regularly do, but I would like to add more. Tell me how your experience goes as well....ok?