Sunday, August 9, 2009

extraordinary hour of calm

big, 36x36 pastel on marble dust board

I began this painting back on May 27th. I was inspired by a sunset walk through the fields I love. The deer were grazing without a care. The sketch and small painting were done for my experience. Since then the painting has been through many metamorphoses, some of which I have documented on this blog. I wanted it to feel tranquil mixed with awe. The longer you look, the more you see. Finally it might be done, hmmmmmmmm.


Double "D" said...


I've just happened upon your blog from Laurels blog.
You have a wonderful knowledge of color and tying it all together. So simple yet so intricate. The first watercolor below is so very loose but so well done. Colors again are incredible. These are the best pastels I've seen while traveling the blogs. So different from all the others. Congratulations.

loriann said...

Hi Doug and welcome!
Thanks so much for your wonderful sure made my day!