Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dream Field

6 x6 pastel on watercolor /Uart

For me, it is essential to paint my subject over and over until I know it. I guess it's like not kissing on the first date. I have to really KNOW it to feel comfortable. I think this one is much better than yesterday's. I painted another as well, but I only finished the underpainting. More on that one tomorrow.

My goal was to create appealing neutrals in addition to my more saturated color.


Karen said...

I loved that one yesterday, but I think you're right, this one is even better than that one...there's something about the pops of color here...maybe it's all in the neutrals as you said that make them work even better.
Why did you think you used too much pastel on yesterday's?

Double "D" said...

Hi Loriann, how's it going Buddette?

I like both versions but this new one is
better contstructed and colorful. I still like the first one though for it's energy. I really admire your commitment, I wish some of that would rub off on me.
Take care my friend, I'm off to Maine on Thursday.
We'll see what happens.

loriann said...

Hi Karen,
I am glad we agree. Yes this one has a better composition and better use of neutrals (my goal.)
As for yesterday's comment about too much pastel.... pastel should be treated like a whisper, just a very light touch making transparent glazes. On the first field one I used my terry ludwigs and I used them too heavily. They are very soft. Keep trying, right?

Hi Doug,
Thanks for your comments.Have a wonderful time in Maine. Thursday is coming up really fast. I think they will have their wonderful foggy landscape.
Your committed friend,
painting buddette

Jala Pfaff said...

This really is one of my favorites!!