Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fog's Soft Cloak

8x8 pastel on watercolor underpainting

I was supposed to work in the studio all morning before going in to teach. Best laid plans..oh dear. When I awoke, through squinted eyes, I saw fog. I love fog! Change of plans...zip out to the field.

When thinking of color harmony, fog is the great equalizer. Subtle, beautiful neutrals, the only zings are in the very foreground.
Now back to the studio.


susan hong-sammons said...

you were absolutely right to zip out and catch the fog with your pastels. Love the amazing feelings your provoke and wonderful sense of movement.

Karen said...

The zings are prefect...I love too how the tree branches in the back have their own, really soft zing too.

Leah said...

Now we had fog today! What you get is magical mist. ;)

Double "D" said...

No Joke!!!!

I would never pull your leg. I know when I see something special. This one is awesome too.

Anonymous said...

I love this one! You nailed the essence and the impact of the fog.

Brian McGurgan said...

I especially like the trees here, Loriann, with those soft neutrals fading into fog. Beautiful work!

loriann said...

Thank you everyone for your comments!

Thanks Susan! Your recent comments have brought the idea for movement to the front of my mind.

Hi Karen! Thanks about the zings. They in a limited form are what it is all about for me. I tend to be way to zingy. Fog helps!

Hi Leah!! Is Nova Scotia fog really thick? Magical mist.. would it help a painting?

Hi Doug! Thanks so much!

Hi Marianne,
I know you too love the envelope fog creates. Thanks about the painting.

Hi Brian!
Thanks about the trees and the soft neutrals. Fog lent its helping hand.

Jala Pfaff said...

Really love this one. Nice varied shapes in the trees too.

loriann said...

Hi Jala, it's great to hear from you again! Thanks about the trees. I hunted the horizon to find the most interesting shapes and put them together.