Thursday, September 17, 2009

glazing and my struggles

6x6 oil on gessoed gator board

Here is the slow and unsteady progression I am making studying glazing and tonalist painting. I am working with Deborah Paris, the master of modern tonalist painting.  Use my pastel paintings as my inspiration I move forward to oil.
A tonalist usually first paints a grisaille (bottom)  which is something I often do with pastel pencil.The layering of transparent color is the tricky part because I don't really fully understand  the way the different  colors shime through and mix to make new ones. Any pieces of wisdom from a glazer out there?

The gessoed gator board on which I work produces a slick almost metal plate like effect. The brush strokes become very apparent . That is my favorite part.


susan hong-sammons said...

I'm not a tonalist but just wondering if a tonalist waits for this first layer to be really dry?

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks for the extravagant description of me, Loriann! And the answer to Susan's question is yes-at least this Tonalist does..:)

loriann said...

Hi Susan! Deborah answered the question for me. I am slowing trying to figure this out:-)

Hi Deborah! And yes, I couldn't have described you better! Thanks for dropping by my blog.