Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Light through the Trees

36 x36 continued work
This is my hardest week because since it is the rare time I must work full time. Painting time is so limited and reluctantly moved into a less productive time. "Push through, it is only temporary," I tell myself.  It certainly makes me realize just how important habit is (a real schedule from which to paint.) I think it is the certainty... the unquestionable nature of it that I appreciate.
Today's work was to go back to the field on which I have based the bottom painting. The top painting is my plein air work today. I painted the light just before the setting sun; the  second painting's light. After finishing I just stopped  to observe. A camera will never capture the light I need. Instead I must feel it and remember. I return to the studio ready to continue.


susan hong-sammons said...

Both pieces are excellent, in my opinion. I think your carefull observation and plein air work is really paying off. These pieces are wonderful. I think your belief in that the "camera will never capture the light I need" is so true!!!

Donna T said...

I am always in awe of your ability to say so much with so little. That top painting proves how you are able to capture the moment. I would have junked it up with details in the trees and field and totally lost the concept. Keep 'em coming Loriann!

Double "D" said...

What! Working full time, stop, it can't be true.
As you say I hope it is truly temporary.

I really love the plein air piece. Awesome energy and amazing color and composition.

Keep a smile on your face and don't let the full time stuff get you down Painting Buddette.


Janelle Goodwin said...

Your paintings always seem to portray what you've captured in your mind's eye with observation. One can tell that you spend a lot of time in nature, Loriann.

Karen said...

I agree too...the camera doesn't capture it nearly as well as we can see it in our mind's eye. And all that time outside too.

I really appreciate your comments on habit, dedication, scheduling, having to work full time, that stuff, recently. It helps to see that we all struggle with similar issues. Yes, Push through!!

loriann said...

Hi everyone and thank you for all your supportive comments! I will answer them one by one.

Hi Susan, You definitely know what I mean about the camera and light, as your plein air work shows you understand light. As for the paintings..I just can't seem to find my complete satisfaction with the big one. Close but no cigar. Time and observation may help. Thanks for your kind comments, they help!

Hi Donna and thank you. I am sure you would not have junked it up with stuff. I guess it's only shapes that absorb or reflect light. Happy painting!

Double D, you make me LAUGH!!!!!! Thanks you! I am counting the hours till I am free!
Your Painting Buddette (teehee)

Hi Janelle!
Yep, you are right I LOVE to be outside. Maybe some day I will become a cat lady who lives in a cabin far away from everything (with only the occasional Starbucks chai shipped in to me) Let me go check and see what you have been up to recently.

Hi Karen, It's so nice to know that others struggle with all those pragmatic concerns as well. Maybe I was just spoiled after a full 3 months of not needing a clock.
Do you find it easy to memorize the light in your eye? I often have to go back day after day. Thanks for your support!