Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lost Fields/Fog, studio version

OK, here is the recent painting with which I have been struggling. The top one is the plein air painting of the field: fresh and unassuming. The bottom is it's new incarnation. I am edging it closer to violet rather than blue and have increased its distance. Still I am unsure about the bottom corner of flowers, it may need to morph its shape. We artists have so much power:-)

Thank you all my blogger friends for your consoling words for one overworked artist. I always appreciate your comments! Lots of hugs, Loriann


Double "D" said...

Hi Buddette,
Hope you're feeling better.
I like the plein air piece, color and all.
I see what you're saying the new piece and the bottom left corner. I like the direction you're taking. The bottom left corner is a mystery. Hard for me to say, I think you know where you're going, so let in morph. I wouldn't throw out the information you have from the "unassuming" painting. I like it a lot.
Well I guess all that was about as helpful as a blindfold on William Tell. Good luck Buddy.

Your painting Buddy,

loriann said...

Hi Buddy, You are definitely not William Tell. In fact I wanted to ask if you would help me by critiquing a painting (different one) that is puzzling me.
I agree with you the unassuming painting is far better than the big one. What marking making is needed for a small piece is very different than a large..thus the large sometimes takes off in its own direction. We will see:-)

Double "D" said...

Hello again Buddette,

That was real clever of me to not consider
the size difference. Actually, I think what you've got as far as strokes and marks are pretty convincing.
I still don't know about the bottom left corner. The more I look at it the more I like it. Maybe a little more convex? Hey, who am I to tell the mistress of pastel how to do anything.

I would be happy to comment on the painting your struggling with. Just let me know.

Take care,
Your painting Buddy