Monday, September 28, 2009

Poignant Last Stand

15x19 pastel on watercolor underpainting
Two weeks ago I was just breaking down my easel, ready to go home for dinner. I turned around and saw a lone deer viewing what was her's.  Shocked I just stood for a long time, then I ran to get my camera.  Luckily I arrived too late, no photo. Honestly I think the image was more firmly lodged in my brain because I only have my memory.


Double "D" said...

A beautiful memory.

Glad your back, you were missed.

Janelle Goodwin said...

I'm loving your pastel glazes. From viewing the painting, your memory of the deer was strong.

Karen said...

So glad you were too late for the photo. No way did you need it.

Donna T said...

Your memory works better than mine! I love the quiet mood of this painting. What a difference a lone deer makes as opposed to a pair or a group.

loriann said...

Thanks Doug, Janelle, Karen and Donna,
The memory was so strong. I still wish I could make those clouds more dreamy. I think I will bring it back into the studio. Thanks for your supportive comments!

Janelle.. you noticed the intentional glazing;-)