Monday, September 14, 2009

study of sunrise

I felt the need to go to the field and "observe" the sunrise. Well when I arrived I was delighted to see a light layer of fog veiling the distance. I couldn't just observe; I was driven to paint. I promised myself I would take the "study" to the studio and use it to create new work. I tried hard to keep the literal out...move trees change the distances. Light was my concern. I didn't even draw first, just jumped in with watercolor.


Double "D" said...

Hey Buddette,

This is great, and a good lesson for me. I saw lots of scenery this morning on Cadilac Moutain. Awesome sites, islands, rocks, trees, clouds and ocean. Overload, overload. If I'd been standing on my head I would have screwed myself right into the ground as I spun around from one view to another. So, lots of memories and that's where I'm going to start.

I like the fact that your moving things around and letting your artists eye create better composition and light transitions. That's really the only way it should be done.

loriann said...

Hi Double D!
I can imagine that you would be overwhelmed with the beauty of the view off and around Cadillac Mountain. I like the image you created in my head of you spinning deeper in the ground. Seeing, seeing and more seeing!Can't wait to see your work...let me go check your site now.
Maybe I will post some of my memory studies. I walk, observe, then run home and do a small watercolor of the light. They don't look like much but good reference material and training.