Thursday, October 15, 2009


12x 10.5 pastel on arches
Value is a strong tool for mood. I didn't realize this before. Being a colorist has made me always rely on beautiful hues and changes in chroma to create mood. I guess I have been missing a big piece. I always realized the importance of value to create space..... but it's even more important for mood. What do you think? 
I was trying to envision haunting. I think I need to go back to the reservoir. I keep feeling that the dark is not dark enough.....hmmm. Maybe do it again. Now I did it again darker...


Double "D" said...

Loriann, I know the image is familiar but the mood is totally different. It's so dark and mysterious and you want to proceed into the image but are concerned with what's around the bend in the river. I think it's very cool. I've always thought that value is probably the most important part of a composition.

Cooooooooooooool as the other side of the pillow!
Your painting Buddy

Brian McGurgan said...

I love these value drawings, Loriann - very exciting! Being a big fan of your grisailles, I wholeheartedly agree with Matthew (from your gallery) and think it's great that you are working on these as finished pieces. I've been doing a fair amount of this, too, usually with black Conté as an exploratory approach to new compositions that I'll ultimately render in color with pastel, but I like to think of the value drawings as finished works as well. You're probably familiar with Seurat's Conté drawings - if not, I'd encourage you to check them out. His works - usually of people or urban settings - are also hauntingly evocative and are rich with beatiful tones and texture.

loriann said...

Hi Doug, I guess you always knew. What's up with me? Let's see where it takes me now.
Cool as the other side of the pillow...hee hee.

Hi Brian, Black conte, eh? I never thought of that. I began using the leftover black sticks. They always just stood there in that empty box...lonely. I will have to check out Seurat's conte drawings since it has been a very long time . Each time we come back to work we see it with new eyes. Thanks!

Jala Pfaff said...

Beautiful. Was this two colors, a red and charcoal? This doesn't feel haunting to me. It feels quiet but not spooky.

loriann said...

Hi Jala!
I wasn't envisioning haunting like- spooky, instead haunting-like unforgettable, memorable.
As for the color, the first one was just one color -a sepia. The second (right) was that with its cousin- a darker deeper version.
I always appreciate your input!

Jala Pfaff said...

They are both great. I can't decide which one I like better.

loriann said...

Thanks Jala, painting that scene really makes me long to return. ... as soon as it stops raining and raining and raining.