Monday, October 19, 2009

finished- Big Daddy through the Raindrops

12 x18 pastel on watercolor
Yesterday the rain slowed down to a dribble and a crack of light formed in the sky. I was lucky to have returned to the field...just in case. Big Daddy didn't need much work just enough to make the space deeper.
After I finished painting I returned to the other side of the destruction. This time I had my invitations to distribute when asking for permission to walk back on the homeowner's land to paint. With great sadness I listened to people's stories of what has happened.  One woman, Shirley, told me of the giant black walnut tree that stood in the field behind her house. Her now 28 year old son had his tree fort in it when he was quite young. One day the construction/destruction crew came with a huge machine.  With a monstrous yank of it's claw they took down that beautiful, gigantic tree. Shirley said they all watched and cried, even her 28 year old son. Sad. I cry with them.


Double "D" said...

This is great Loriann, it still has the feeling of the watercolor underpainting and the pastel definitely is the icing on the cake. I think this is my new favorite painting. It's really exciting.

Your painting Buddy

loriann said...

Thanks Buddy! As my emotional connection increases I think my paintings get better. Have you ever noticed that in your own work? -buddette

Double "D" said...

I believe it! This one has all the qualities of a great piece of art.

I think I need to paint with more emotion. I think the subjects I paint need to be more selective. Sometimes I think I paint just for the sake of painting. Or I'm just confused. Obviously you have it.

Would you email the tube colors you used on this piece? That's if you want to share. They're beautiful.

Donna T said...

Such a beautiful, moody painting with such a sad story to go with it. I like to think your Big Daddy represents all of the beautiful things, large and small, that are being sacrificed for 'progress.' I've been away a few days and want to thank you for your Evocative thoughts from Thursday. You are helping me understand my own work so much!

mariannepost said...

This is terrific. The muted colors tell the story and adds a poignant air to the somber story. Love the fresh, directness of the finished piece.

David Page Coffin said...


Karen said...

I love that you kept the looseness of the original, and only clarified the necessary parts. I also love the way you left that "unfinished" part at the bottom and the watery qualities in the whole.

Brian McGurgan said...

This is a powerfully emotional painting, Loriann - beautiful!

susan hong-sammons said...

Thankfully they are letting you paint this special area before it is all gone. I know it's gut-wrenching to hear and see what's happening.
Powerful powerful painting full of the "aahhhhhh" factor.

loriann said...

Thanks Doug! Painting for the sake of painting is what we do. We love to paint. For me, when I also connect with the subject on an emotional level it's a different kind of painting....even more satisfying.

Hi Donna and welcome back!I hope Big Daddy makes it through... can you imagine chopping down a tree? A life???? Glad you enjoyed Thursday's thoughts.

Thanks Marianne!!

Thank you David and welcome to my blog!

loriann said...

Hi Karen,I am glad you liked that "unfinished part"...I just felt like it didn't need more. My husband asked me when would I finish it.... thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Brian and thank you!!

Hi Susan! All the kind home owners are letting me paint...some times the construction areas don't allow me...although I have learned on Sundays I can go anywhere. You are right it is gut wrenching. thanks about the ahhhhhh factor.