Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Golden Moment on Lake Needwood

How few colors could I use? That was today's challenge. I began with a value underpainting in violet, the dominant color and then added as few strokes as possible using only about 7 pastels. Is it possible to create light with 7 pastels?
Do you ever challenge yourself like that?

This is a lake next to some of my favorite fields (fields that are leaving us due to the ICC). As I was departing the painting site I noticed big signs announcing the permit to build a new subdivision on the fields near the lake. It was a depressing thought. Even if a field has been spared from the ICC it won't for too long, due to the development of the area after the road is finished that it too will be gone. Yuck!


Double "D" said...

OK, you've proved you point. It's possible.
That's of course as long as you're the one handling
those seven pastels.


Care to try for six?
Your painting Buddy.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the losses of natural beauty around you. You've done a beautiful job with so few pastels -- another chapter in your book on Less is More!

Donna T said...

Just what we need: more cookie cutter houses and McMansions! Yuck is right. Was it easier to use the limited amount of colors when you had the values laid out in your underpainting? I may have to try this. I like what you did with the lake!

loriann said...

Hi Doug.. six, eh..maybe next time. I send a challenge to you- only 3 tubes of watercolor.
your painting buddette

loriann said...

Hi Katherine,
It is so frustrating about man's crazy take-over of nature. hmmmph. Thanks about the few pastels.

Hi Donna!
Have the mega mansions reached your area? And yes it was easier to limit my colors when the underpainting was a dominant color and a value layout. When you try this go ahead and make your underpainting vibrant, then pick pastels that will glaze over it and make gradations of neutral. Does that make sense?

Donna T said...

Yes, that makes perfect sense! I can always neutralize the too-intense areas and let the intensity work to my advantage where I want some zing. Maybe that would help me get the moodier look I'm after. Thanks so much!!!

loriann said...

Show me when you are done Donna. OK?

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful work, Loriann - this certainly captures the feeling of the season up here in New York as well.