Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Monarch's Respite

about 7 x14 pastel on watercolor

The beginning signs of Autumn can be seen in the color of the grasses and the goldenrod. Monarch butterflies stop in the fields on their long migration south. Mornings are cooler with a little fog.
This is a new field out in Howard County. There was a golden presence to the light and the pink grasses moved easily to the violet distance. Monarchs visited my easel repeatedly.


Jala Pfaff said...

Tremendous color and I love the format too.

Anonymous said...

Love this one. I mean I really love this! The color is luscious! Your easel visitors must have been delightful.

Jill Berry said...


loriann said...

Jala, hi! Thank you. Those odd formats are so much fun. It seems to just shake everything up a little.

Hi Marianne!
Thanks about the color, the Autumn colors are just awesome and they only get better. I LOVE the winter violets too. Don't you?

Thanks Jill1 It's good to hear from you again.

Double "D" said...

I'm running out of words to describe your unbelievable talent and color sense. It would be exciting for me to sit and watch the process that you go through. Maybe a little of that color sense would rub off on me.

Until later buddette,
your painting buddy

loriann said...

You are too much Buddy! Your color sense is so strong, who are you kidding? Not me! We just have different eyes. Thanks so much for your glowing words! Buddette

Patrice said...

Your paintings are scrumptious! Such beautifully complex color. I am officially a fan.