Sunday, November 22, 2009

Towards the Sea

12x12 pastel on paper
I blogged this one (bottom, value painting) last night. I was thinking about soft and hard edges.  I quieted my mark in the distance and allowed it a little more activity in the foreground; still trying to keep this soft and moody. Last night in my dreams I added paint and pastel. So, of course, upon awakening I tried to paint it "for real." I sprayed it with my wonderful Spectra-Fix and began with paint.

Yesterday Paul walked the length of the street with his crutches (me by his side.) He is starting to get his pep back. Yay! thank you everyone for all your well wishes!


FishHawk said...

"Loriann Signori's Painting-A-Day" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors (not to mention customers!) here.

Janelle Goodwin said...

This is an elegant, moody landscape. Your work has amazed and inspired me lately, Loriann. I've always wondered, do you need to frame your paintings under glass? Also, do you need to mat them?

So glad your husband is on the road to recovery!

loriann said...

Thanks FishHawk. I really appreciate the inclusion!!! Happy Sunday Drive!

Hi Janelle! Thanks for the compliment.Your paintings, in their glowing splendor, are a inspiration for me as well.
And yes, I frame my paintings under glass. Sometimes I mat sometimes I don't.
Paul says thanks!

SamArtDog said...

You like Spectra-Fix? Please elaborate. Love both of these versions. I also dream in pastels.

Bravo Paulo!!!

loriann said...

Hi Sam,
I do like Spectra-Fix as a working fixative. I must admit I have never used it as a final... although I don't believe I need it. Thick pastel is always fixed in the underneath layers. Thin pastel doesn't need it.
Della Heywood did a marvelous job at creating this non- toxic fixative. Check it out.
Here's a link:

So you too dream in pastels???!!! Sometimes my ideas form there... sometimes awake dreams.

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful value painting, Loriann, and the finished color version is gorgeous. I like the high horizon line of your recent field paintings very much, plus the darker suggestion of grasses in the foreground. Glad to hear Paul is back on his feet!

Double "D" said...

Good Evening B,

The color version is beautiful with great colors and values. I've got to say that I'm still drawn to the value study. It has a totally different mood than the color version. It's mystical and mysterious as I said in the previous post. The value study seems so much softer and your marks are more prominent.

The Sketchcrawl was fun and it was a beautiful day.
I spent more time enjoying the sunshine than drawing or painting. I'll talk more later about the sketch crawl. Sounds like Paul is making good progress and you're doing a bit more painting.
All good.

Your painting buddy.

loriann said...

Hi Brian and PB,
Thank you for your comments. I think the value painting is much stronger than the color version. The mood is much stronger as noted. I think my quest is to figure out how to transfer that mood to the color. I guess I will have to "ruin"a number of value paintings in the process. Oh dear!

Jala Pfaff said...

She paints even in her dreams... :)

loriann said...

Jala, Do you ever find some of your painting find genesis in your dreams? That, walking and driving the car stimulate the ol'brain.