Sunday, November 29, 2009

windswept lands

about 18x24 pastel on BFK
Still working on the field, but this time I took a whole different view. Low horizon- something out of my comfort range. I tried to capture the windy autumn into winter spirit that has been present for days now. Clouds have always stymied me. I guess it, once again, is all about value. Hmmmmm, am I sounding redundant?


Anonymous said...

Windswept lands... and skies! Wonderful moody piece. You can hear the wind blow through the dry grass...

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

I love the clouds and there movement.
I can feel the wind and the air racing around
and across the field. Actually I like the low horizon.
It adds perspective to the sky. I really like these
value studies. Matt it, frame it, sell it. Awesome.
Still trying to pull something together
from yesterday, I think I need to go back just
to look at it again. Looking for temps in the 40's.

Hope you're feeling better,
your painting buddy.

Bob Lafond said...

I like this one, and the large black and white pictures you have been making. Clouds, besides not standing still, are deceptive in terms of their size and location. I was looking at clouds today that were casting shadows on the side of mountains. I am always surprised how close they are.

loriann said...

Hi Don, Thank you. I am delighted to hear you are able to feel the mood!

Hi PB,
You were a real trooper to go plein air painting...considering all the conditions you were dealing with. Bravo!
Thanks for you positive input... you always put a smile on my face:-)

Hi Bob,
You are so right about clouds... they are like cats in a way- tricky, wonderful, and unpredictable. It is so cool when they cast their huge shadows on the land below.