Tuesday, December 1, 2009

as the sky continues to weep

4x10 pastel and watercolor on Uart
I was thinking about temperature of color as I painted inside my dry car. The drizzle that began light turned to a downpour later. I stuck to the overcast drizzle feel of the painting. The sky has been weeping for weeks....if only this rain was snow.
I can't wait for my first snow plein air landscape.


susan hong-sammons said...

hey, careful what you wish for, snow will be here soon enough. I love your weeping painting. It's so passionate

Adam Cope said...

Hello Loriann
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your work :-)

pastel on!

Melinda said...

Oh, you are so very brave...."can't wait for my first snow." Wow.

The bank of trees to the left speak volumes about the day and the collection of slow water. Beautiful.

SamArtDog said...

I'm noticing the more horizontal format and liking its expanded view of the left bank. Nice to see its mood while being able to look out further to the distant water.

As snow clouds gather, the temp is dropping. Plein air? Brrrrr!

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

You've certainly captured the chill in the air and the progression from fall to winter. The sky reflections are very nice, especially in the lower third of the painting.
The atmospheric perspective is great. Always like how that works in your paintings. I think you nailed the transition of color temperatures.

Is it for sale?

Your painting Buddy.

SamArtDog said...

Sorry I wasn't clear; the snow and cold are here in Colorado. But weather travels east, so be prepared!

loriann said...

Hi Susan,

Sorry about the snow wish, I do realize that means something entirely different for the hard core painters of Chicago. Here a snow wish means a few inches and all shuts down. Beautiful painting and then it all melts in a couple of days. Not your reality, eh?

Thanks about the weeping painting. More rain is on the way. Beautiful atmosphere though.
I hope for a warm spell for you.

Hi Adam and thanks for visiting my blog! Thanks also for you words of encouragement!

Hi Melinda! How are things out there in the sunny southwest? I see on your blog that even you have enjoyed some rain recently. Tucson doesn't have snow, does it?
The bank of trees on the left was my favorite part in that painting. I love the words you use to describe it. Thanks !

Hi Sam and the dogs,
Thanks about the format. It's funny I had brought with me one 8x10 and this left over piece (the 4x10). I started doing notans for the 8x10, I did four of them before I realized I knew just what I need to do and I pulled out the long horizontal. That was so easy to find the composition, it didn't even need a notan. It just was.
You are right about the weather. The radio just said mixed precipitation Saturday night. How much snow do you have already?

Melinda said...

Because we just had rain this past weekend, I can feel the water in this piece and it is really wonderful.

We do get snow about once every five years or so, but it's always rare, doesn't stick for long and causes much celebration! However, the mountain range that is only 45 minutes from our house gets snow nearly every time we get a winter storm.

You are a spectacular landscape artist and it's clear that you really connect with the land. I am in awe of your paintings!

loriann said...

Thanks Melinda!! You are so kind... you made my day!
Only 45 minutes away to snow, you are lucky!

SamArtDog said...

Too cold to snow much (high today 18), but so far it looks like 5-6". Plein frozen air!

loriann said...

Hi PB,
Sorry I seemed to have missed your comment! Thanks about the color temperatures. It was a little odd to concentrate on such a thing inside a warm car with the radio playing in the background. It felt so weird and decadent to paint "en plein car." And yes, it is for sale.

Jala Pfaff said...

Nice. Subtle colors, great values. Great long format too.

Weeks of rain/drizzle sounds nasty.

loriann said...

Thank you Jala. You seem to prefer the more dramatic formats.
The weeks have blurred into one long day.