Thursday, December 31, 2009

dawn is the friend of the muses: versions one and two

10x12 pastel on BFK

Sunrise is quick, impressive and different every time. Ever think of that... different every time... how can that be??? I must admit the doing of this painting took me by surprise. I was awakened by this gem-like sight. There was no plan, except to see if I could create that ethereal feeling. It wasn't easy to paint so I had to rely quite a bit on memory and work in the studio. It is the view out my window into the back yard. The land at dawn has very little definition, more a glow of color. How much definition to use in the trees that touch the sky was the most challenging. They shouldn't be drawn....I still am not satisfied even after doing two takes and two days (this sunrise was yesterday.) Still I don't want to perseverate; time to move on to the vertical I posted yesterday.

 I read this recently: "A sunrise may indicate that the dreamer is about to embark on a new adventure in the dreamer's work or personal life. This symbol is about new beginnings, renewal of life and energy, and fulfillment of one's purpose in life. " I can feel it 2010 will be just that.

It begins with another award from Katherine at Making a Mark- the awesome Painting a Day Stickability Shield. how cool is that? I love it! Thank you Katherine! I am delighted, honored and just plain amazed! Be sure to check out her site and read all about her awards

A big thank you to PB, alias Doug Daniels, who nominated me. Doug is an accomplished artist and blogger who has become a good friend of mine through blogging. Not only is he an accomplished artist, a retired illustrator, and grandpa, but he is also just an amazing friend who gives insightful critiques. Thank you Doug, PB, for everything. Do yourself and treat and check out Doug's blog.

Thank you also to Casey and Astrid who nominated me for the Plein Air Plus Prize. Check out their inspiring blogs as well. I wrote about that fine moment yesterday, just scroll down.

One more thank you... to my good friend, Domi.
Long ago, in October of 2007,  Domi  helped me set up this blog. A neophyte to blogging I needed ALOT of help to learn the tricks. She has  helped me through all my blogging crises! They used to be numerous... now less:-)  What would I do without you Domi??????

Happy New Year!


SamArtDog said...

Because you are Aurora (cum stickability), I start most days by opening my laptop and seeing your thumbnail first. "Oh my!" I smile. Always great to start that way. Thanks for your gift.

Happy New Year, friend!

Katherine Kean said...

These are beautiful - you've caught the ephemeral quality of a new day.

Happy New Year to you!

Leah said...

My best friend, the famous artist ... here's to an auspicious 2010!

Ipskipskyblue said...

Wow, Loriann! What a year this has been for you -- and I have the same feeling about 2010 -- lots of great, powerful things to come! Congrats on your awards and what an honor for me to be linked publicly to your blog. But as you know, I learn WAY more from our work together than you do...What a treat. Happy new year!

:-) Domi

loriann said...

Hi Sam.. what a wonderful thought (smile) There's all kinds of ways to say "oh my" I believe your viewings may encompass all of them. Thanks for the gift of your friendship my blogger friend!
Happy new year to you and the dogs, may all your bones stay together!

Hi Katherine, Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Have a wonderful new year!

Hi Leah, my best friend in the world! It will be an exciting 2010 for both of us! (famous?! teehee)

Hi Domi!
Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you.I mean that! Happy New Year!

brian eppley said...

Congrats on your rewards! I love these 2 paintings. That time of day is ethereal and you've captured that without the need of definition. Beautiful. I finally answered your question on the movie post. It's on my video posting comments. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Double "D" said...

Dawn again? Both are beautiful!
I was up at 3:30 a.m. today. Couldn't sleep, made a fire, threw a blanket over me in my favorite chair. Gosh there's a moon out there, isn't it pretty I said to myself. Then I thought, I'll bet she's already outside stationed at her favorite spot with pastel in hand, waiting for that thin line of pink and purple to appear on the horizon. As the sun rose ... click, one painting ... click, two paintings ... click three paintings. It was then that you realized it wasn't the sun but a car coming over a hill in the distant. Hmmm, three painting of a cars head lights rising over the horizon. I'll bet this comment caught you off guard.

Take care B and Happy New Year again!!!
Your painting buddy.

Melinda said...

Brilliant! You bring so much good light to the online community of artists. These two paintings are medicine for the soul. Dream well. Dream often...

Happy New Year to you!

loriann said...

Hi Brian! Thanks so much about the awards and the paintings. I did go to your blog to check out the video tips. Sounds easy...maybe even I could do it. Happy New Year!

Hi PB!
You always keep me on my toes or laughing or both. 3:30 is a wonderful time isn't it? But in Michigan I am sure it is freezing now. Hard to go out and plein air paint....
watch out for those hallucinations my friend.

B Boylan said...

All I can say is saaaWEEEEET with your work and progress over the year. You must be feeling pretty good with yourself...if not thrilled! I'm pleased to be on your blogroll!
Many happy returns!

loriann said...

Hi Brenda and happy new year! Thanks for your kind words and it's a pleasure to have YOU on my blogroll!