Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Rising / making neutrals

10x 12 pastel on BFK
The only time I have today would be at twilight again...a wonderful time to paint. (The whole family is going to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.) So I drove down the road at 5:30 and pulled into a dark parking lot, facing east, with hopes of a view. As the sun began to give light to the hills I painted. My goal was to only use a handful of pastels, no neutrals. I needed to make more interesting neutrals with pures.


SamArtDog said...

I never heard anyone before you call predawn twilight.
Call it anything you like, Aurora; you own the hour.

Merry Christmas and a bowser bow!

Double "D" said...

Hey Loriann,

Computers messed up today so haven't been around.
Like Sam, I never thought of dawn as twilight. What do you call dusk?

Well Christmas is upon us and grand kids are chomping at the bit. I'm going to try and squeeze out a little painting time tomorrow before the explosion.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
Your painting Buddy.

loriann said...

Sam and PB,
I felt a little crazy so I had to look it up.... twilight.
twilight ( ) n. The diffused light from the sky during the early evening or early morning when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted.
Merry Christmas my painting friends!!!
Loriann, otherwise known as -b- (buddette)

loriann said...

Sam, Aurora?

PB, Enjoy the grand kids!

SamArtDog said...
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SamArtDog said...

aurora was the roman goddess of dawn.
boreas was the greek god of the north wind.
the aurora borealis are the northern lights.
no doubt it's another story of the blustery old man and the sweet young thing.
obviously, these stories are not made up by women.

loriann said...

I love it Sam!
I knew about the aurora borealis, I have seen them too. I did not know their origin from the roman goddess of dawn, aurora.