Monday, December 7, 2009

Ice Crusted Sunrise

Sunday morning, on ice covered streets, I drove back to my muse and painted the moments after sunrise. Boy it was cold.
The underpainting was done fairly dark and  purposely changing temperature. For instance, while the morning sky has a cooler light (typically) I first made the sky a warm yellow orange. When I painted the pastel on top I went towards the cooler side- a more lemony yellow with green. I wanted to see what would happen. It's funny I was thoughtful about that, but my favorite part is the left shadow mass of trees and its reflection. That is where I painted simply by instinct. hah! What does that tell me??????


Double "D" said...

Hi B,

It says that your instincts are correct
and I love the colors in the sky, it's a beauty!

Your painting Buddy

loriann said...

Hey PB!!!
Go figure instinct being correct!!!
Maybe with enough thought and practice there's an underground influence on the instincts. I am glad you think the sky works.
Paint on PB.

SamArtDog said...

Seat of the pants (with long johns) wins the race!

loriann said...

Hi Sam... that's right. I know all about "by the seat of my pants." You are the one who needs the long johns with you freezing temperatures! Glad to see you are sharing some of that beautiful snow (but not the freezing temps)now. I send a hug and a bone to the dogs.