Saturday, January 2, 2010

hints of the diva in gold and silver

10x12 pastel on BFK
This morning as I drove to the lake I was obsessing over the use of  chaotic marks in warm and cool colors, layered. I could see it all. Then I saw the lake-wow!!!!!! The thinking was over when the first pastel hit the paper. It was really one of those intuitive paintings.  The pastel was my master. (sound familiar PB?) Pure joy.
I really like this one. It may not be my best painting but it's a ...ummmm let me say, a stretched epiphany.

PS I reposted the photo... it was blurry..oops. 

up close for PB


Leah said...


susan hong-sammons said...

What great words of wisdom, allowing the medium to be the master. Great results and very inspiring

Double "D" said...

Sounds very familiar B.
I think someone else had that same experience.
As you say, it may not be your best, but how exactly does one painting relate to another? Describe best.
This is what I see, this is your best painting of the snow covered lake I've ever seen. The captured light is amazing from the sky to the reflections on the foreground snow. I know you don't like blue, but you certainly put it to good use here. The perceived distance created by the distant land mass to the sky blue in the upper left corner are in my eyes perfect.

From a critique point of view, my eye is drawn right to that area of blue in the upper left corner. Even squinting is the same. Not sure that I could suggest anything but just an observation.
Now this is very minor thing. The left foreground land mass feels like it needs to separate from the land mass behind it. This just may be how my monitor see's it. I can't tell if there is a significant temperature change there. Knowing you, I'm sure there is. Again, just an opinion.
I still think it's magnifico! (you know, red hot embers).

I was hoping to get off the starting line quicker than I have for 2010. I'll never keep pace, you're already three up on me. By the time I get one posted I'm sure you'll be six up and pulling away.
That's ok though. The more you post the more I get to enjoy.

I need to go get some snow reference, but it's too blasted cold today. I'm retired and a fair weather painter.

There is nothing stretched about your epiphany B.

Your painting buddy.

Double "D" said...

p.s. Being color challenged I just realized that may not be blue on the distant land mass.

Brian McGurgan said...

I really like this one, too, Loriann. And you certainly did arrive at some interplay between warm and cool colors, although perhaps more intuitively than you had planned.

Reading Doug's comments I can see how his eye is drawn to the blue in the upper left. My eye follows the lovely violets from left to right across the snow-covered lake and then up to the sky on the right side where the sweep of color from cool to warm leads me toward the upper left. It's a nice effect since it gives a feeling for the gradual clearing of the sky early in the day, although it pulls some of my attention from the relationships between the land masses - at least in the initial look. The painting has a wonderful feel to it. Hope you did this from inside the car, and that you had the heat running at least part of the time.

loriann said...

Thanks Leah!

Hi Susan and thank you. When we think we "know" we sometimes fight what should be. Don't ya think?

PB, We must be on the same wavelength... let me post an enlargement of the area in question and I will reply more in a moment.

loriann said...

PB I reposted the land masses. I think you are right about the blue in the sky. I will look tomorrow and readjust as necessary. Thanks. Your critiques are always right on.-b

Brian, Thanks for your input as well. I was hoping the blue helped, but maybe not:-)
The winds here are really hectic (50 mile an hour gusts) so I was inside the car, no suffering was involved... in fact in felt quite decadent. I kept the window open and the heat on.
Here's to heat!

Double "D" said...

Thanks for the close up B.
Yes, I see there is a temperature change but I think something has to be done with the value of the land mass in the rear. If it were me and it's not so that's a relief ... The land mass where it touches the fore ground mass ... maybe lighten just a small portion of it. Maybe 1 or 2 %. Barely visible. Or just put a small hit of sun on the leading edge of the front one.

OK, I going to leave now before I get in any more trouble. I still like it a lot. Maybe I'm trying to read to much into it. OK, now leave ... now? Yes now!

Your painting buddy.

njart73 said...

Hi Loriann,
Happy New Year!- This a painting full of wonderful color. Yet somehow I like the close up version better. That close up makes for a more intimate experience in viewing the landscape. You have over the past few months enriched your own personal color vocabulary as evident in this painting.

loriann said...

Hi NJ,
Happy New Year! Thanks for noticing my movement. It really has been an exciting time. I decided to show a piece of this up close because it is so hard to see the nuances in these small jpegs. I am glad you enjoyed it.