Saturday, January 9, 2010

plein air vibrations/ bluebird's daybreak

10x12 pastel on BFK
Now that I am intentionally alternating between plein air and memory I will be trying to interlace the knowledge of both. Haha you say... or was that me??? This is a painting I did yesterday at daybreak. I was thinking about vibrations and lost and found edges. I alternately rubbed out and marked in the edge between the path turn and the trees. In or out? What do you think?

On another note I was surprised by the sight of an iridescent blue of the eastern bluebird. I had thought bluebirds migrated. (Google disagrees, here in the mid-atlantic they just hide.) It was beautiful the way its wings glowed in the sunlight.


Leah said...

Once again... beautiful! I'm just so happy to open my computer and see some winter morning colour. The morning skies over NS have been cloud covered for too many days. I miss the spectacular sunrises I usually enjoy on my way to work. Thanks for the beauty and the colour!

SamArtDog said...

which beautiful blue came first, the pastel or the bird?

as for the edge, i'll equivocate, and say both.

Casey Klahn said...

I say "lost edge" - I believe as you have it. I didn't like one I saw (elsewhere) recently where an edge of a road or path was too distinct.

I'm having fun watching your work on Rives, as I have been rediscovering my Rives BFK with charcoal drawings lately.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

This is fun to look at because it's so well done and evokes the right feeling. I say, soft edge.
B, do you give lessons in watercolor. I'm about ready to start throwing hand grenades at the studio and my car.

Your painting buddy

loriann said...

Hi Leah!
I am happy to give you a splash of color. The sun will return someday to Nova Scotia....maybe you should move south;-)

Hi Sam, the pastel is the answer.

Hi Casey, Distinct can only happen in very limited miniscule. I think I know which one you mean..the one that had an edge that was too defined. Less really is more.
What do you think about the BFK? I really like its softness in contrast to my usual sandpaper (UArt and Wallis). I just use fixative so that I can have layers.

Hey PB!!!!!
Hang in there... read some DeKooning.

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful work, Loriann - being a fan of suggestion over frank reality, I'd vote for the soft edge.