Sunday, January 31, 2010


10 x10 oil on linen
After all my work at Lake Needwood at sunrise I am finally feeling like I know it and can paint it from inside me. Trying to get the glow and depth is the challenge. Whistler's idea of very "saucy" paint put on in thin layers is singing in my head.
Casey "the colorist" Klahn wrote a post on Friday that included lots of information on Wolf Kahn. One piece that really struck me was that WK pushed his colors right to the edge. He said “I am always trying to get to the danger point, where color either becomes too sweet or too harsh; too noisy or too quiet”      I love that idea. Thanks for sharing Casey. Here's to pushing the edge.


Double "D" said...

Good morning b,

too sweet or to harsh?

Like in the 3 bears. this one is just right!
seriously, you're definitely pushing the colors
and it certainly has the feeling of thin layers.

I like it, especially the sweep across the lake and
the pink and orange mix on the right horizon.
did you scan this or take a digital photo? If I hold my thumb over the reflection in the upper right corner the color really comes together.

It's a real sweetarsh!

SamArtDog said...

Your glazes accomplish the thin veils of color so well, you saucy wench! Amazing how you can achieve this luminosity. Yes, different than pastels but still so like you.

Loved Casey's WF post and downloaded the pdf. Pushed the edge in the studio so far yesterday, I scared myself. Good!

loriann said...

Hi PB, Sorry about the glare I will try to retake the photo later. Doesn't WK's concept of how he uses color make you think? Sweetarsh I like that word.-b

Hey Sam,
Glad you enjoyed the WK material..thank Casey, he found it. I am also delighted to hear you are scaring yourself... can't wait to see.
happy 2 handed painting!

loriann said...

Only Sam would come up with a term like "saucy wench"!!!!!!????

Double "D" said...

works for me!
super hot ... ssssssssssssssssssss, sizzle

brian eppley said...

Nice piece Loriann. Again I like the edge control keeping the foreground intimate. Out of curiousity do you know what medium Whistler used for his "sauce" and and what are you using to thin? Thanks,B

loriann said...

Hi Brian and thank you. I appreciate your comment about the edges. I am thinking a lot about them lately. As for sauce. I don not know what Whistler used. I do know that right now I am using liquin. How about you?

Karen said...

This one for sure pushes to the edges...and I love how that tree up front in the left balances it all with its more subdued color.

loriann said...

Hi's that "can only have one diva" thing that I am struggling always! thanks for your comment.

Jala Pfaff said...

It's very impressive to see this pulled off--pretty much every color of the rainbow in one painting, and it all harmonizes.

loriann said...

Hi Jala! Yah, I really pushed it. Glad to see that you think I pulled it off.