Thursday, January 7, 2010

variation 6 /How do you take charge of your growth as an artist?

Early Morning's Slow Awakening 12 x 5 pastel on BFK
My sunrise frozen walk in the neighborhood inspired this. Oh, do I wish I lived right next to a body of water!  I don't so; I create one:-)
The more I do these, the more I am thinking about the edges. Lost and found, hard and soft it's a rhythm. So few hard edges are ever needed, but if it gets too soft it is fuzzy and out of focus.

Just a little note, prompted by Doug's comment; yes, I will still do plein air. And I will not just post variations. I made a promise to myself this year to come completely out of my comfort zone and take more risks. What that means is I will be alternating plein air and memory work. Plein air is my comfort zone. Memory work is what is really making me grow. 
What do you think about your own growth as an artist? How do you take charge?


Double "D" said...

Beautiful creation B!
Really like the lost and found edges. Just the right balance between the two. Temperature changes at the horizon as well as value and contrast make it even better. This one ties with yesterdays as a favorite.

Hmm, growth as an artist. I grew for 45 years all be it in a tiny space. Now with space and time, growth will be determined by what comes out of my current funk and or experimentation. Trying to make over my illustrative self. Goal, more fluid and spontaneous watercolors.

As for creating a path forward ... my current cues come from you B. Your creative and fine artist views and your knowledge of historical reference will always surprise and cause me to think more deeply.

Take care Queen B,
Your painting Buddy

SamArtDog said...

all my edges are lost, and my memory is generally shot. you call it risky; i call it abstract. i think i'll ask my acuprincess for some fine tuning today. she's very good; i have hope.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Your vertical paintings are so beautiful, soft and dreamy. As far as growth goes, I think taking classes pushes my growth. But at some point, one needs to go completely independent to see what comes from the soul.

loriann said...

Hi PB,
I see your path taking shape. Your paintings have already taken on a looser more spontaneous feel. You have such a great understanding of what makes a painting work. You can rely on that as the skeleton on which to build. Please realize that you must be kind to yourself...45 years of constant art making in a style you are wanting to change will be a challenge. Your knowledge will make it harder...because YOU KNOW.
Thanks about this painting. I struggled to find a balance in it.
(Queen B?????)
yours, b

Hey Sam!
I hope your acuprincess helped. I'll go check your blog and see what the cast of thousands has been up to.

Hi Janelle,
Thanks about my recent long verticals. TI agree with you that taking a class definitely will push your growth. It also reinforces what you already know. Going solo is where the real action takes place. As you said, it comes from inside. You ARE there.

Bob Lafond said...

Your vertical paintings remind me of Chinese landscape paintings, except you have replaced the mountains and clouds with ether and clouds. They have grandeur even though 12 x 5. The Chinese paintings were meant to be meditations upon nature, and they were all done from memory.

loriann said...

Hi Bob, interesting information. I think I should spend some time looking at those Chinese landscape paintings again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Love all your recent work!