Friday, February 19, 2010

snow field

 24x24 oil on linen
Began this painting on Sunday by toning my linen with washes of warm and cool yellows. It seemed the best way to create the light. I am working with the plein air study was done on the field at sunrise as my reference- see it here
Since Sunday I have worked a little each day. Today, I tortured myself and it for almost the whole day. Arggh.  I want it luminous, yet more towards abstract. I know I had abstract for awhile back there when Paul walked in and asked..."nice, what is it?" Maybe I went too much the other way. I was constantly thinking for the concept of refraction, much more deliberate.

Sorry for the bad photo... it's the best I can do indoors when the light is low.  I will work more and repost another time.

I reposted it today....better light outside. Photographing whites is difficult.

Suggestions anyone?


SamArtDog said...

For what it's worth, I know the warm yellows are there, but I think the cool ones are dominating.

The good thing is that because I said it you get to take it or leave it. :o]

Double "D" said...

hi b,

mary does that to me as well.
i just say thanks for stopping by
and please close the door on your
way out. in jest of course.

as for this piece, i just don't like the
color combination plus it needs more
texture in brush strokes. the thing that draws
me into your plein air pieces are always the
spontaneous marks which shows your delight
and confidence in yourself. i hope i haven't offended you in any way, i just know you're
far beyond this painting. stop thinking and just let it go! intuition, that's what you suggest to me.

take care and smile,

Karen said...

Hi Loriann! Great stuff going on over here (of course).
It's funny, in reviewing what you've been up to lately, I LOVE the monotypes, and I think it's a lot of what Double D said above, the texture and strokes are what get me!
I wonder if here, if you varied the yellow's intensity a bit more? Maybe it's the photo too?

Karen E. Lewis said...

Lovely, both the sketch and the studio piece.

The sketch has at this stage a stronger sense of light, and here are a few differences I noted: In your sketch, your blues are cooler, thus setting up contrast with the yellows. Your sketch also has some light reds (dare I say pink?) which warm the lights. The yellows are a bit warmer.

I find it very challenging to bring my outdoor sense of light into the studio. Good luck!

loriann said...

Thanks Sam, PB,Karen and Karen for your input. I really aprreciate you'all taking the time to think about the problem at hand and reply! You have given me a lot to think about. I will take your words with me back in the studio. More about that later.

Astrid Volquardsen said...

This kind of yellow is never easy to handle and you have my greatest respect that you take up the struggle.
It's always easy to play safe and not trying something new.

loriann said...

You are right Astrid this yellow is awful. I am thinking of changing it completely... .go warmer more neutral. I will keep pushing. Thanks for your words.