Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sunrise on snow

10 x10 pastel on BFK
Sunrise is a most amazing time, especially when the ground is coated with a layer of fresh white snow. The snow's reflective quality changes everything.

I read a quote from Wolf Kahn that really resonated with me.
"How far could I go towards color without giving up tonalism?"
I feel for me it is the other way.."how far can I go towards tonalism without giving up color?"


Casey Klahn said...

Very lyrical.

All your recent works have resonated. I am impressed with how your oils keep the sense of your pastel style.

SamArtDog said...

another angle on the WF quote might be: "how far can i go towards tourism without giving up local color?" just a thought...

this is a central issue in all the beautiful places i've lived before they were "discovered"

loriann said...

Thanks Casey! That has always been my struggle and then all of a sudden a light went on in my head. After many years (long ago) of being an alla prima oil painter, it was a challenge to find it inside myself.Thanks for noticing!

Hi Sam,
I am guessing that you are not a WK fan. hmmmm. Could you tell me more of what you mean?

SamArtDog said...

No no no---I am a TOTAL WK fan!!! That was just a turn-of-phrase to his comment about color and tonalism. I have been told before that I can be obscure.

loriann said...

Oops, I am sure glad that you clarified. I had a feeling I missed the point. Thanks for clarifying!

Double "D" said...

Gosh, I love the transitions of edges and color.
The cool foreground and the temperature change through the tree's and into the sun rise.

Just a beautiful soft touch. I'm glad it's not a pastel (not that it wouldn't be great) because this is just a beautifully handled oil.

Your nailed it, can't wait for more. I'm going to need lots to look at when I'm lucid or half lucid. Either way they'll be a pleasant part of my days ahead.

Keep a smile, (still taking those meds?)
sleeping ok?
Maybe tomorrow but that's about it from me for a while.

I'll miss being part of the remarks and comments.
Keep em hot and keep em smoking.


loriann said...

Hi PB,
Best wishes with your upcoming surgery. I'll be sending good, healing thoughts your way. Thanks about the painting!-b

Anonymous said...

Loriann: Interesting thoughts about WK and like your forward thinking. What sings for me in this painting is your color palette, I am usually not a big fan of the primaries but you nailed this one. I also like the line and rhythm of your masses. Paint on, girl!

loriann said...

Thanks Marianne.... it's funny I didn't even think of the color palette, I just responded. hmmmmmm.
Paint on to you too!

Jala Pfaff said...

When I look at this, what I see is: a seascape, the orange area being a wave crashing into the rocks...

Jala Pfaff said...

Sam can be VERY obscure. Always ask when in doubt. :)

loriann said...

Thanks Jala....interesting what you see. When my husband asked me.."where did you paint that?" and I replied it was out our window..he said.."oh dear, I never would have known."
I guess I stopped looking and just let the painting speak

PS I will ask.