Monday, March 8, 2010

memory nocturne

6x11 oil on wood
Memory  just takes in what's important. I keep practicing to heighten my awareness to the initial impression. What made the impact?
Here is a small painting done solely from memory. I used a scrap of wood  given to me from my buddies down at the lumber yard. I LIKE wood. Firm, not fragile.

I close with a favorite quote from James Abbott Mcneill Whistler.
"To say to the painter that Nature is to be taken as she is, is to say to the player that he may sit on the piano."
He must have been quite a character!


Leah said...

Interesting colour combination and nice textures. I like it!!!

loriann said...

Hi Leah! You must be on Spring Break...ahhhhh. Thanks for the kind words. I just finished another similar nocturne that is much better. I will post that one tomorrow. I guess I will take this one back to the easel. cheers!

Karen said...

THANK YOU for the info on Whistler's method...that is absolutely next on my to-try list.
How complete or loose are the notes you're taking?

Jala Pfaff said...

Beautiful one, Loriann! I really love that deep saturated blue-violet at the top. And the value gradations are right on.

loriann said...

Hi Karen, It's good to have you back. My notes vary. When I make them on the spot they are more detailed. If it is a watch and go they are bare bones. "Watch and goes" information is recorded in the studio.... now that is the real essence.

Thanks Jala!

Casey Klahn said...

Nature, yes, but your response to the medium and the substrate - that is fantastic!

loriann said...

Thanks Casey! You're so kind and supportive!