Sunday, April 4, 2010

the dangers of cotton candy (life as a color junkie)

 9x12 pastel on BFK
Cotton candy is a dangerous thing in painting. The colors of Spring are as delciously sweet as cotton can only eat so much without feeling sick. Still, you want a bite of it.
The row of apple trees on the farm doomed for construction (result of ICC development) beckoned to me. A combination of the very slight haze of morning and  blossoms on the trees was like cotton candy. I tried only to take a nibble.


SamArtDog said...

After yesterday's cherry blossoms and today's apple blossoms, your sweet tooth must be twanging. But I see today's to be more about green. Amazing, considering you hardly used any green at all.

Nika said...

What a little gem this one is...Ditto on what SamArtDog said, hardly any green but feels like it's singing with green. The spring colors I've been seeing around do leave me in disbelief, they just seem out of this world.

Double "D" said...

Some of the best haze I've ever seen! This is far sweeter than cotton candy B!
Looks like a perfect image for Easter morning.

I thought of the image of you painting in DC really showed complete concentration on your part. Either that or you're a great actor.

Happy day B.

Jala Pfaff said...

Sweet and tasty.
I don't like cotton candy, actually...but I do like this.

loriann said...

Thanks Sam! My sweet tooth perpetually twangs.

Hi Nika! Greens are mostly other colors in light.I try to accentuate that. (still missing your swamps in Florida)

Hey PB!!!Thanks you. Concentration...or good actor??? I can zone really well.

Hi Jala!
Glad you like my version of cotton candy.

Kyoko said...

Hi Loriann - I really like your restrained approach to all the color of the blossoms here... that's what I'm striving for these days - just a taste of the rich vibrancy of spring with muted hues and close values. You are much more successful with this pastel then I've been!

Brian McGurgan said...

Hey Loriann, that was me commenting a moment agao - I forgot to switch out of my wife Kyoko's account!

loriann said...

Hi Brian,
Spring is challenging. The colors are so seductive, yet sweet. It's funny that our work is to subdue the beautiful so the work is palatable.