Thursday, April 15, 2010

green landscapes and growing pains at a bad moment

6x8 pastel and watercolor on Twinrocker all purpose
This was the second plein air from yesterday.
Why do I think this one is more successful than yesterday's painting? The answer: bridges, the bridges in this painting work better. That is the bridges between shadows and reflections make smoother transitions, bigger shapes. I think that one of our jobs as artists is to look for bridges. Look for places that join rather than separate, especially in the shadow shapes. 
On another note, I am trying desperately to select pieces (32 pieces to be exact) for my next show. It is time to go to the framer. Everything I choose is no longer good enough. I feel as if I am in such a constant state flux. I am at a "growing pains" time.  I picked out a number of pieces. Stupidly I asked my husband for his immediate response..... And I got what I asked for. We disagreed on at least half of them. Next he goes to my studio and asks...what about this one? (it was destined for the trash.) Or this one? (another pitiful painting!) EGAD! So where does that leave me? Only two days to figure out, that's where. Egad.


Nika said...

I feel your growing pain, Loriann:)
But do you know what I do when faced with such a dilemma?
I spend a few hours away from the paintings, say talking a walk, or doing something unrelated to painting or looking at paintings in any way.
When I come back to the studio, I look at them as if they were someone else's works and I was just there to give them a good, honest critique. Try to divorce yourself from everything you know about your paintings and look at them through the stranger's eyes.
Because that's how people that come to your show will look at them. I don't know if that will work for you, but it's worth a try.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

The person who is organizing the show will be thrilled with every painting you bring and will not see anything in your studio (or trash can) for comparison or comment.

Your work is lovely. It's exciting to be a spectator to your growth and explorations of future directions.

Deep breath. Indulge in at least five more "egad"s. Have a good laugh. A cup of tea. And trust yourself. It will be LOVELY!

SamArtDog said...

I can't imagine saying anything better than both Nika and Katherine did. Except ('scuse the lastworditis), love your art half as much as we all do!

Caroline said...

Hey Loriann post them here and we will help you choose! Are they all pastel works and are you putting the swamp paintings in?
Never ask husbands because they do just walk into the studio and pick up rejects and say' what is wrong with this one, I like it!' Maybe choose a theme that can help. Most of all choose the ones you feel say something about your chosen theme. I did this for my last show and I felt I had made the right decision at the end.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

First glimpse is usually correct. Stop being so hard on yourself. K? I know that everything in your studio will be happily received by the gallery and the public.
I know, easier said than done ... trust is a must!
I don't know what else to say ... you will make the final decision ... just remember ... you are your own worst critic. Ease up and let it happen.
Remember, smile all the while.

Leah said...

I wish I were there to help you choose. I love doing that! Remember that all who visit your show will not be artists and will not see your work with such a critical eye. You want to appeal to the untalented public too. Maybe letting Paul choose a few isn't such a bad idea.
Everything you paint is stunning so just breathe.

loriann said...

Hi Nika,
Good advice. So far what I have done was place all the paintings that are unframed around my living room. (They cover the place.) I walk away and come back and repeat that process. So far what I have learned is that I love the square. More later.

Thanks for the words of wisdom and support Katherine!

Hi Sam!
Thanks ..... I sure got my self into a tizzy!

Hi Caroline,
I may post them and see what others think, but first I must write down my gut response....
My paintings are a mix between pastel and oil. All have been painted in the last two years as I have prepared for this show about the transition times in light...what Deborah Paris named the Magic Hours. I will borrow that name. It has been my infatuation for years. So all my paintings are those transitions- dawn, dusk and fog- the light dances.
It's funny, for my last show Paul (my husband) picked some paintings I wouldn't have put in...he was right, they all sold.

Hi PB,
First glimpse is correct, is that like intuition, gut response?
Trust is a must. I like that.
Thanks for your support!

Hey Leah!!!!!!!
I wish you were here too! Just catch the next flight, Ok? Paul sometimes does know a thing or two. It's funny sometimes that struggle I have with a painting can get in the way of my viewing it properly. Thank you for your constant support!!!!!!

Casey Klahn said...

My wife will say things are "thus and so" about my works, meaning to criticize constructively. I will say, "I am glad you saw that, because it is what I meant." Scratches head...

Sounds like you have the theme - I think it'll be fine (great, in fact).

Astrid Volquardsen said...

I always ask my husband about those pictures, if I'm not sure.The funny thing is, that if we both disagree and he tells me :"Take it", I will do so. It has turned out over the time, those he picked and I didn't like were often sold first in a show.

loriann said...

Casey, Because that is what I meant....hmmmm sounds like you have been married for a long time:-)

Hi Astrid, Can you explain this husband thing?? Paul also will know things I do not as well. I guess you never know.;-)

Caroline said...

I had actually thrown a painting under my art table a few years ago and Richard picked it up and said how lovely it was. I got it framed and it sold in a really smart gallery down on the borders. I often think of the contrast of the forgotten painting under the table and the framed picture in a beautiful surrounding.
I learnt so much from Deborah's classes and last Winter I had a showcase and exhibited my own Magic hours paintings that were influenced by what I had learnt and they sold very well. I was almost going to sign up for the sky painting class but had to finish work I have here in my studio first. I think your choice of the Magic hours theme will do really well, your paintings are very beautiful and it is wonderful to think that you too have learnt and been inspired by Deborah's classes. Good luck with the selection.

Jala Pfaff said...

Ha ha, The Husband does that to me too. So I don't ask anymore. :)
I am also at a total growing pains stage. Ugh. So frustrating.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline, It would be funny to put together a collection of the art spouse/partner stories...teehee.
Deborah's on-line class was great. The early morning time has always and will always be my favorite time of day. Almost every single painting is from that time...a handful from early evening.

Hi Jala...don't ask, don't tell as far as husbands go...
and this IS not good timing for growing pains.
I feel your pain too!