Thursday, April 1, 2010

new paper and edges

6x8 pastel on twinrocker
New paper!!!! Don't you just love trying new stuff? This is a very textured, handmade thick paper from Twinrocker. One side is cold pressed and the other is hot pressed. I love its thick texture. It accepts just as much pastel layering without the sanded feel. I only ordered a few sample sheets, but I think I am in love and will need a whole lot more!
As for the painting, my concern was edges. Lost and found is the key, with colors blurring as the eye naturally does. Don't stare... big vision/ impression is most important. At the end, save those few last strokes for the diva (focal point.)


Casey Klahn said...

Looks and sounds yummy.

SamArtDog said...

Did you ever want to be an elephant trainer when you grew up?... This paper is a whole new beast, one with a very thick hide. Must be like putting pastel on an elephant! As for care and feeding, does this elephant eat pastel as fast as sanded paper? And does it play with water, i.e., will it accept any underpainting?

loriann said...

Hi Casey, it's great stuff..try it sometime!

Hi Sam!
Elephant trainer, eh? Sounds like fun! As for my elephant's hide, I rub in the bottom layers and the top layers stay on top and the hover over it. No, it doesn't eat pastel at elephant on a diet. It plays with small amounts of water.I will try that soon. (I doubt if it would accept oil underpainting. Try feels good.

Nika said...

Nice painting, I like the feel of those edges. Everything you mention manifests itself in your work and I see a change. It's so exciting to observe you adjust your thinking while still retaining your wonderful sense of color. It seems that seminar was a great push for you!
Glad you enjoyed our swamp:)

Caroline said...

I really get the feeling the sun is shining in your lovely painting.

Donna T said...

Gorgeous piece, Loriann! Have you ever tried Somerset paper? It's supposed to be velvety, I think, and I wonder how that would be for our ever-important edges? I'm glad you like this new paper so much! I have been using less and less pumice, actually sanding off most of what I apply. Seems kind of dumb but I like having just enough to hold a few layers. I'm still here in Frederick - one offer on the house just fell through. Hopefully there will be others.

loriann said...

Hi Nika,
i really loved the Florida landscape! I was actually surprised just how much. And yes, working with Sadie opened my eyes to new thoughts. Thanks about the painting!

Hi Caroline!'s the edges!

Hi Donna,
Thank you!!! I haven't tried Somerset yet...but when I made my big order I think it included some.
Sounds like you are moving away from pumice as well. I used a piece of Uart on Sunday and really didn't like the feel. It is so funny..Two years working on in and I guess I just needed a change. Each paper allows different effects to happen. Are you sanding the pumice off of your own surface or wallis/Uart?
Your recent piece is gorgeous. Good luck with your house!

Jala Pfaff said...

This is one of my faves.

loriann said...

Thanks Jala! This one feels right to me too.