Monday, April 19, 2010

thank you and watercolor paper

Thank you everyone for your input about the paintings (of mine) that you liked best. Most of it matched my gut reaction. A couple were surprises. A few interesting ideas came up, like Deborah's grouping thoughts. It was a fascinating process.  Most of all I really appreciate the time you had to take to really look, think and give your opinions. Thank you!!!
In return, I post for you a picture of the robin's nest in my rose bush. Beautiful eh?
Thank you: PB (Doug), Sam, Kaylyn, Astrid, Janelle, Caroline, Leah, Deborah, NJ, Leah, Lisa, Jala, Carolyn, Donna, Jim, and Agne. (includes comments and emails) Thank you also to Kaylyn who emailed me a nifty graph of the choices.... impressive!  Please come to the show if you are in the vicinity. I will be doing a demo on Saturday (May 15) at 4:30. Yipes!
I would also like to thank PB, otherwise known as Doug Daniels. He was aware of my explorations with papers and generously mailed me some samples from his stash. The square painting above was one done on a piece of Fabriano. I found that real watercolor paper DRINKS paint and the surface, even hot press, is bumpy. While I enjoyed some aspects I realized sanded pastel paper is not that bad. Today I returned to UArt (again) just to enjoy what I KNOW. Thanks Doug! If you haven't met him already check out his watercolor blog.
Since 80% of my paintings in the show are pastel I have them framed, rather than do it myself. I am an impatient framer and pastels are challenging to frame. It feels good to have that work shipped off to be framed. Cross that big job off my list.

Thank you again blogger friends!


SamArtDog said...

I'm always especially aware of the robins. They chirp before dawn and at dusk. They must know you. No wonder your rosebush is their nursery.

loriann said...

Hi Sam! You are so right. I think they are my alarm clock.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Loriann!

I missed the big voting day over the weekend because my kids were in town. It seems that you got lots of wise counsel. I agree with the group -- your paintings are gorgeous and awe-inspiring when seen in such a large group. Just when you think they can't get better or more luminous or more tender, then next one comes up and it's even better.

Great work!

Before you give up on the idea of watercolor paper, I suggest you try Arches hot press. I have used it with pastel and it doesn't have the texture that the Fabriano has in your painting today.

Keep up the good work! I don't frame my pastels, either and it is a relief to get them to the framer!

The show will be gorgeous!

Jala Pfaff said...

Nice painting.

Cracked me up: "I realized sanded pastel paper is not that bad"

How is that nature came up with such a gorgeous color for robin eggs?

Word verif. (Sam would've loved this one): predog

Caroline said...

Thank you for the robin's eggs photo they really are pretty. I use Saunders Waterford 140lb rough 100% cotton acid free mould made paper from St Cuthberts Mill. I buy it ready stretched on a pad. Watercolour paper will go bumpy if you over wet only part of an area, if you wet the entire area to begin with there it is less likely to go bumpy, by using a hair dryer to dry the area you have painted also gets rid of the bumps due to areas getting over saturated with water. I guess taking a hair dryer down by the river would be a bit difficult!!

Double "D" said...

Hi B, wish I could see your paintings after they're hung at the gallery. I suspect we would all have an awakening that doesn't come through on our computer monitors. Some day maybe.
Sorry the watercolor paper didn't work out ... never know unless you try ... right?

I like the piece on Fabriano, but you're right, the surface doesn't do anything for the finished product.
Take care B,

loriann said...

Hi Katherine, Arches hot press, eh? Maybe I will give it a try!
Thanks for your kind words! I was fortunate to get an abundance of wise counsel.

Hi Jala...funny how they made that paper just for that and it works. Those eggs are gorgeous..nature does it best...we only try hard.

Hi Caroline,
Your idea sounds good and you are also right that hair drier travel to the river would prove difficult at best!

Hi PB,
I really appreciate you watercolor paper it taught me a lot without spending tons of money. Thanks for your kindness. You're awesome!