Tuesday, April 13, 2010

two studies, exploring papers and mediums

both are 6x8 pastel and watercolor on Twinrocker all purpose
I decided to try watercolor on the Twinrocker paper, even though it is not watercolor paper. I was delighted that it only buckled little, just as much as wallis does; but it took the watercolor in a very interesting way. I had missed the way watercolor adds a richness and takes away the dustiness that pastel can have.
These were both done in very low light, the sun was setting and dropping below the trees. Green is the name of the game already. That meant I needed to use a warm underpainting to temper the greeness.
Now it's morning, time to go off to the lake again.


Donna T said...

Gosh, these are both beauties, Loriann! I hope one or both will become full-blown paintings one day. My experiments with watercolor underpaintings have always disappointed me because the colors dry so much lighter. Is that a problem for you and how do you keep your darks dark?

loriann said...

Hi Donna,
Dark in watercolor is a little challenging, but that is a good thing. If you want to make light in a painting you need to keep the value scale high. Don't go darker than a 3 and you will create more luminous landscapes. (Save values 1 and 2 for rare accents) Remember you are painting light. Because of the strength of light in a landscape it is of higher illumination than we think. I felt these paintings became too dark. Even though I was painting the time when the sun went below the trees, I felt I went too far.Sanford Gifford, King of Illumination rarely went below a 5!!!!!
Sorry for going on and on with my reply...I guess I am talkative today!

Bob Lafond said...

These are quite nice. It's amazing how quick the green appears. Nothing yesterday, and today...where did it come from!

loriann said...

Thanks Bob! You are so right. The green appeared overnight and very early. Now comes the challenge of green for the next 6 months.

SamArtDog said...

I'm stuck on your posted time, 5:34 AM. I get up early, but you're long gone! Alarms are not a nice way to start the day so earlier to bed + leave the shades up.

Never too many words about value, especially for both ends of the day. Thanks for all of them.

Caroline said...

Oh my! these are simply stunning!
Great works Loriann.

Jala Pfaff said...

Loriann, I love these! The color is so rich.

loriann said...

Hi Sam,
You caught me..I am an early bird.I like to have at least 6 studio hours before I have to go in and teach. Most late afternoons and evening I will get a few more hours, but those are harder to count on.
What's your morning wake-up time?

Hi Caroline, thank you so much!!

Hi Jala! Wow, thanks!

Brian McGurgan said...

These are really beautiful, Loriann. I like the texture and richness of color that you achieved with pastel over watercolor on the Twinrocker paper.

loriann said...

Hi Brian, I love the Twinrocker and I have you to thank! I have been using All Purpose thick stuff. I just ordered some hot pressed (one side) watercolor paper. I am guessing it will take watercolor better and the hot press will be smooth enough for pastel. Any suggestions???
Thanks about the paintings:-)